This Place on Earth

The Southern Appalachian Culture Series 2016 Conference focuses on the relationship of its inhabitants to the land. A sense of place, belonging, and respect for nature contrasts with the use, and abuse, of the natural resources of the Appalachian region. Humans have a contradictory relationship with the Appalachian Landscape. We love it for its beauty and its power to remind us of our ancient connection to the earth. We also exploit its forests, mineral resources, and waterways for the needs of industry and to power our homes. We depend on it for our basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. How do we honor the gift of the land and make use of its resources without damaging its beauty and destroying its ecosystem? Drawing on historical context, present conditions, future needs, and consequences of our actions, how can we wisely manage its resources to provide for our way of living? Read More

Call for Papers

Call For Papers Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina is accepting presentation submissions for its biannual Southern Appalachian Culture Series, an interdisciplinary conference to be held October 1, 2016. This year will feature presentations on relationships with the Appalachian Landscape. The conference is part of a symposium which will offer concurrent sessions of presentations by writers and scholars, including graduate and undergraduate students. Learn More